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Kentucky Artist Brett Johnson passed away June 1, 2011.
He will be sorely missed
.  On this page you will find Brett Johnson
prints that are currently available at release prices.  If you would
like to know the value of any of his sold out prints, please go to the
Pricing of Sold Out
Brett Johnson Prints page.


There will be abbreviations you may not be familiar with describing art prints.
Following is a list of the abbreviations and their explanations.

                Open Edition:  The only signature on the print is the one on the painting that was copied with the rest of the print.
               Signed Only - S/O:  The artist has signed the print by hand.
      Signed & Numbered - S/N:  The artist has signed the print by hand and written the print number & the edition size, i.e., 1/1000 

             Artist Proof - AP:  The artist has signed the print by hand, may, or may not, have numbered the print, but he has written either
                             the letters AP or the words Artist Enhanced by his signature.

           Artist Enhanced - AE:  The artist has signed the print by hand, may, or may not, have numbered the print, but he has written 
                             the letters AE by his signature because he has actually painted on top of the print to accentuate certain areas.


ESTATE SALE SPECIAL ~ While Supplies Last

We purchased several sold out Brett Johnson prints at an estate sale. I have several copies of each print - there are
more copies of some of these prints than others. We are offering these prints for $50.00 each while they last.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. These prints are great to use as gifts or as investments.
For more information, check out the Special Offer on Brett Johnson Prints page.

  Coal Mining Series
- Restrike Edition

      The set of 6 Prints include:

                                         NUMBER ONE MINE                                             NO WORK TOMORROW                                                    COAL TOWN

                              GOING HOME                                                            HARD TIMES                                                            DAD'S HELPER

                Brett Johnson's Coal Mining Series, a 6 print set, was released in the early 1970s and retailed for $20.00 each.  That edition is
                now sold out and currently valued at $22,000.  The prints in the first edition had images of two different sizes - three prints
                were 18" X 24" and three were 20" X 24" after matting and framing.  This new edition is called a restrike editions.  The images
                are smaller and uniform in size to distinguish it from the first edition.  These prints are 16" X 20" after matting and framing. 
                The restrike edition also replaces the print entitled
THE FAMILY with the print entitled DAD'S HELPER.

                                                                                                                          Print Only       Framed Prints 

                                              Set of Canvas prints              $ 600.00        $ 870.00 Extremely LOW INVENTORY
ONLY 100 Sets
sets cannot be broken                                              

                                              Set of AP prints                   $ 300.00        $ 810.00      
                                                ONLY 200 S/N
sets cannot be broken

                                              Set of S/N prints                 $ 1 80.00         $ 690.00 
matching numbered sets

                                              Individual S/N prints              $   30.00         $  1 1 5.00

Matching Numbered Sets: entire set has the same number.

                                    Prices are subject to 6% KY Sales Tax & Shipping & Insurance Charges ($15.00/print and $25.00/framed print)

                                          FRAME CHOICES:                MAT CHOICES: (first color is the top color, second color is the bottom color)

                                                      1.  Cherry                                                   A.  Beige & Burgundy 
                                                      2.  Medium Oak                                          B.  Beige & Dark Green
                                                      3.  Dark Brown                                           C.  Beige & Navy Blue 
                                                      4.  2-toned Brown                                       D.  Light Green & Dark Green
                                                      5.  Wormy Chestnut                                    E.  Tan & Rust
                                                      6.  Gold


To place an order, call: (606) 633-8757
or you can email your order too: omnigallery@yahoo.com



Newest Releases of Brett Johnson Prints


                                                             BABBLING BROOK                                                                        MOUNTAIN STREAM


                                                                                    S/N Prints - $   85.00

                                                                                     AP Prints - $ 105.00